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Closed Circuit TV Property Monitoring 24 hours a day for your home or business


We can supply our clients with alarm triggered CCTV off-site monitoring systems for home or business.


One of the main benefits of off-site monitoring by CCTV is, real-time positive viewing of unauthorized individuals on the property.

How it works

The client’s Close Circuit TV system is set up in such a way, that it transmits video and audio to our control room via a high speed Internet connection.

When the system is triggered, either by the movement picked up by CCTV cameras, outdoor/indoor infrared motion sensors or perimeter beams, the video/audio signal is transmitted to our control room and displayed on monitors with an audible alarm to alert our control room staff of the event.

If it is an intruder, an armed response vehicle will be dispatched immediately to attend to the situation and at the same time, our control room staff will inform the client that their system has been triggered and a reaction vehicle is en route.

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