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The function of these guards is to control  access to businesses, office parks, complexes, housing estates, shopping centres and gated communities.

Our guards make use of entry registers, sign in visitor register books, vehicle identification stickers and vehicle licence  disk scanners where required. 

Should our clients or the premises layout require regular patrols,  our guards will patrol the area and visit specific checkpoints throughout their shifts to ensure comprehensive patrolling of the complex or business property.

Being the first point of contact for visitors entering the property, our guards ensure that they are neatly dressed and conduct themselves in a professional manor. They have been trained to be courteous at all times, yet strict regarding access control security protocols.

Our guarding division supervisors conduct daily visits to all guarded sites. 

Our guards are in contact with our control room at all times via two-way radios and should they encounter an  serious problem with a person or vehicle attempting to access or exit a site, they are backed up by our armed response vehicles.